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Home > Be the Dealer

Be The Dealer Blackjack

There is now a new way to play Blackjack online and this allows you to become the Dealer! That could put you at the correct side of the House Edge, and this new way of playing is increasing in popularity.

There is one small disadvantage and that is you will have to pay a small house commission of around 1.75% on ever bet placed against you, the Dealer.

To become the Dealer you will have to earn the right to do so, and this is usually achieved by playing the Blackjack games in the relevant casino in the usual way, I.E. you play as a player and earn what are called Dealer points for every $1 you wager.

Once you have acquired enough of these points you can then become the Dealer, and the system will automatically match you to a player, and then you are good to go! Alternatively you can decline the position of Dealer and turn your points into cash, much like a comp club.

Be The Dealer Blackjack Tournaments
One site where you can be the Dealer is the aptly named Be The Dealer online casino and as well as letting you earn your right to become the Dealer you can also take in a range of Blackjack Tournaments

These Blackjack tournaments are free to enter usually once you have deposited and played at least $50 in a previous session at the casino, They have a prize pool of $2250 and this is shared out between the players who finish in the top ten positions on the tournament winning positions ladder.

They also hold a range of other tournaments and these include slots and video poker, so no matter what your favorite casino game is you will find a tournament to suit.

Be The Dealer Blackjack
The Blackjack variant on offer at Be The Dealer casino is quite liberal and we shall now take a closer look at the game play rules to see if they are of interest to yourself.

The Dealer must Hit a soft 17 and the game itself is played with six full decks of playing cards, and these are always fully shuffled before a new hand is dealt.

The Blackjack payout's are as standard and thus you can expect the following payout's: Beat the dealer without busting: 1-1 payout. Beat the dealer with Blackjack: 3-2 payout. A Tie the dealer with the same value, which is classed as a such will get you your stake returned.

Be The Dealer Blackjack Bonuses
If you decide to play at Be The Dealer can you will be able to bag yourself a huge new player bonus that is worth a whopping $999, this is awarded as a 100% new player match bonus.

They also have a range of ongoing bonuses including special alternative deposit bonuses, VIP bonuses plus monthly match bonuses, so if you like getting your share of free additional cash then this could be the online casino for you.

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