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Home > Blackjack Card Counting

Card Counting

Whilst online Blackjack players are well aware that it is impossible to count cards at an online casino due to the deck being shuffled before each and every new game is dealt out, thanks to the new breed of online casinos known a Live Casinos whereby you are playing real Blackjack, dealt be dealers in a land based venue it is indeed possible to put this art of card counting into play when you play online at these live casino sites.

If you are blissfully unaware what a Live Casino is, this it is the so called next big thing in online gambling where the software driven casinos powered by a random number generator are no more, and you can bet on a land based casinos Blackjack table remotely from your own home, and then watch the proceedings play out via a video connection, just like watching a television show.

You place your wagers onto the table by pointing and clicking at the betting layout on your computer screen then simply click on the buttons with your game play options and playing moves, these being such things as Hit, Stand, Double Down etc.

Counting Cards lets players keep a running mental track of which cards have been dealt out of the shoe and those which are therefore still in the shoe waiting to be dealt out, and there will come a time when the cards that are remaining in the shoe give the player a small edge over the casino, so by noticing when this has happened and increasing their stake levels they can get, more times than not a winning session.

Counting Cards is relatively simple to do, even though on the face of it trying to remember which cards have been dealt out and therefore what cards are still in the deck may seem impossible. Below is a very simple way of counting cards, so give it a good read through and you will soon discover just how easy it is to do!

How to Count Cards

The first part of learning how to count cards will be for you to give each and every card a value, so all of the 2 to 6 value cards have the value of +1, the 7, 8 and 9 cards have a value of 0, and the remaining cards those being the 10's (including the Jacks, Queens and Kings) and Aces have a value of -1.

As each card is dealt out to all of the players and the dealer simply keep a mental note of the current count, so if the cards dealt out are as follows for example:

2, 4, 3, 7, 8, 10, Jack, 5 and an Ace then your current count will be:

+1 +1 +1 +0 +0 -1, -1, +1 -1 = +1.

It is important not to obviously miss any cards dealt out and you must start the count only when a new shoe has come into play. Keep the count going for each game played using that shoe and then when the count hits certain thresholds you should then increase your unit stake.

Your initial unit stake is the minimum permitted stake for the table at which you are playing so let us say it is 5.00 per hand, so you start betting this 5.00 at the beginning of the count.

You also need to know how many decks of cards are in the shoe and then divide your count by this figure, so if you are playing an 8 deck shoe and there are 4 decks remaining, and your running count is +8 then your current True Count is going to be 2 (8 divided by 4 equals 2), should the True Count be a fraction (for example 3 decks remain and you count is +10), then round it up to the next full number.

The higher the True Count figure is the more you should increase your unit stake, if the True Count is low namely one or below one in total then you need to keep on playing at the minimum unit stake.

A basic card counting unit stake will increase as follows: Should the True Count be greater than or equal to 2 then you should double your unit stake.

There are many different card counting systems so should you wish to completely master this art then have a look around, and make sure the Blackjack game you chose to play has a low house edge and modest minimum stake levels.

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