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Home > Essentials For Beginners

Essentials For Beginners

OK, so if you are new to the game of Blackjack then there are several things you are going to have to get you head around before you rush to lay your money down on the Blackjack table, and in this section of our website we are going to take a look at some essentials that anyone thinking of playing this popular casino card game should know.

The first thing you should realize and fully understand is that not all Blackjack games are the same, by this we mean there are going to be different game play rules and payouts that you are going to come across when playing, and by playing the wrong variant it could cost you dear as not all of them have the same house edge, this is a theoretical profit the casino will make from the game over the long term.

So your first port of call should be to our Blackjack House Edge section where we have got all the Blackjack games listed there for you, and as you will see there are some huge different between the different variants.

Next, once you have found a game such as Microgamings Classic Blackjack game which has a tiny house edge you need to learn that particular game inside out, by knowing which moves to make whenever you have been dealt out your initial two cards and are faced with any dealers up facing card.

Whilst learning each and every move may seem an impossible task, you can simply grab yourself one of our Strategy Cards which will show you every single move you need to make to play the game perfectly and when you play perfectly you should, on average be playing against that tiny house edge.

However any mistakes you make will cost you over the long term, one common mistake a player will make, more so if he is new, is to take Insurance when it is offered, this is the worst bet you can make in Blackjack, and all you are doing is wagering that the dealers hand will be a Blackjack, however the house edge on this bet alone is massive and offers terrible value, and if you take it you will be increasing the house edge that particular Blackjack game holds which is never a good thing, so always avoid taking the Insurance wager when it is offered.

Once you have found the lowest house edge game, got yourself a Blackjack strategy card then you are good to go, but now you will need to find an online casino at which to play, there are many different ones available but not all online casinos are of the quality demanded by todays players, you will save yourself a lot of potential grief and problems by sticking only to our fully approved sites.

The best Blackjack sites to play are those we have reviewed and fully checked out and we have divided them in to to groups namely, US Blackjack Sites and UK and European Blackjack Sites depending on where you live in the world give either of those two links a click and you will be presented with the best online casinos who can and do cater for players in your country.

Before you sit down to play Blackjack for real money then it will often pay dividends for you to get as much practice in as possible, many online casinos will happily let you log in as a guest player, and once you do you can then play any of their different Blackjack variants in free play mode, this will let you play at no risk whilst being able to get to grips with all the different ways in which their software works and operates and get an idea how easy their Blackjack games are to play.

Finally we suggest you spend some time learning a good Money Management system, this may sound like you need to be some form of mathematical genius, by in reality it is simply a way for you to put in to place a way of knowing how much you should wager on each game, whilst having both a stop loss limit which will keep you from losing your entire bankroll, and conversely having a winning limit or winning goal, by good usage of such a money management system you will greatly reduce the risk of losing all of your Blackjack playing bankroll or budget!

Enjoy all of your Blackjack play and remember always play responsibly, and a good Blackjack player always knows when the time is right to stop playing and walk away from the table!

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