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One of the quickest ways to lose your Blackjack bankroll is for you to take Insurance when playing Blackjack, this may sound strange but once you read our following article you will soon find yourself agreeing with that statement!

When playing Blackjack you will, from time to time get offered an Insurance bet, this will payout at odds of 2-1 when successful, to win this bet you are simply wagering that the Dealer hand is a Blackjack, so on the face of it you may think it is good value, but you couldn't be more wrong!

The bet is offered when the Dealer is showing an Ace card, each player will be, in turn offered this bet and if you accept it you need to place a wager that is half your initial wager.

We shall now show you why this bet is a sucker one and should be avoided at all costs, in our example we shall be looking at a 2 deck Blackjack game that has a House Edge of 0.45%.

The house edge is simply the theoretical profit a casino will make by virtue of the rules, and in our example the rules will be that the Dealer will always hit a soft 17, and a player can double down after a split but you may not take late Surrender, and you cannot re-split Aces.

A house edge of 0.45% is about average for a reasonable Blackjack game, but should you decide to take insurance when playing this variant then you will up the house edge on the insurance bet alone to a whopping 6.796%, and that is a massive 15 times worse that the games true house edge!

Another thing to remember is that the number of decks used in a Blackjack game will also effect on the house edge attached to the Insurance bet, in a one deck game will mean you are playing against a house edge on the Insurance bet of a staggering 5.882%.

A two deck game as we pointed out gives a house edge of 6.796% on an Insurance bet, and a 4 deck game is even worse at 7.246%. The more decks in a shoe and the higher the house edge is. A six deck shoe will give an Insurance bet house edge of 7.395% and an 8 deck game which is one of the most popular types offered has an Insurance bet house edge of 7.47%.

Some Blackjack games will give players different odds for taking the Insurance bet, but don't make the mistake of thinking these games give you fairer odds and a lower house edge for these enhanced payout odds.

Take the Wagerworks game of Double Attack Blackjack, which is based on the Atlantic City game play rules. This game gives players odds of 5-2 for a successful Insurance bet, and you would, at first glance think you are getting some value on this bet.

Until you find out that due to this game using eight 48 card Spanish decks, the house edge on this bet is a massive 12.27%! So your best bet is, whenever you are offered Insurance is to reject it, or it could end up costing you dearly!

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