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Home > Taking Even Money

Taking Even Money

Recognizing when a bet is a good one is paramount to you becoming a better Blackjack player. There are several bets that you should avoid at all times when playing Blackjack and one of them is taking even money when you have been dealt a Blackjack.

You will only be offered even money for your Blackjack hand when it is possible that the Dealer also has a Blackjack by virtue of him/her showing an Ace as their up card, but this is a bad bet much like Insurance is an equally bad bet, if you haven't read our Insurance article then make sure you do after reading this one!

You may think that by accepting even money instead of the possible 3-2 for getting a Blackjack is a cool bet, more so if the Dealer already is showing an Ace but you are mistaken, by taking even money when offered you are up against some huge odds, and this will reduce the House Edge of your game. So never take even money when offered, sure sometimes you will end up pushing your hand with a dealer Blackjack but overall it is best policy to never take even money.

Even Money Blackjack
Now there are some Blackjack games online that will payout even money instead of 3-2 once you get a Blackjack, but this is part of the game play rules and this is usually compensated for in other player friendly payout's.

One game that springs to mind is Real Time Gaming's Super 21, by virtue of the game play rules you will always get paid out at odds of even money for a player Blackjack.

But that doesn't mean it is a bad game to play, as if both yourself and the Dealer get dealt a Blackjack then the player Blackjack will always win instead of it being classed as a push.

As an added bonus should your Blackjack hand be in the suit of Diamonds then this payout is enhanced and you will be paid out at odds of 2-1 for every such Blackjack hand you are dealt.

Extra boosted payout's are also made including when you get a hand totaling 20 with 6 or more card then this hand will always win, plus if you get a hand totaling 21 with 6 or more cards then this is an instant winner and pays 2-1!

As you can see from the above examples not all Blackjack games that payout even money for a Blackjack are bad, but accepting, in a normal Blackjack game even money is a bad bet.

Other Even Money Blackjack Bets
One other noticeable even money Blackjack paying bet is called the under/over bet. This is an optional side bet that players are offered in which you have to correctly guess whether your first two cards dealt will either be under 13 or over 13 in total

In this kind of wager all Aces are classed as a one, but due to the very high house edge of this additional wager you are best avoiding such bets. If you don't believe us then look at the house edge of the over 13 wager on a single deck game which is a huge 6.79% and on the under 13 wager it is a whopping 10.11%!

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