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Home > Blackjack Games > Multi Hand Blackjack

Multi Hand Blackjack

Where to play Multi Hand Blackjack
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Multi Hand Blackjack is available at many online casinos and as the name suggests this version of Blackjack lets you play more than one hand per game.

Multi Hand Blackjack Rules

The game play rules for Microgaming's Multi Hand Blackjack game state that when played with perfect strategy the House Edge will be 0.59%. The number of decks used in the shoe is 5. When dealt a Soft 17 the Dealer will Stand his hand.

This game is not a hole card game so the Dealer will not peek for Blackjack. In regards to Doubling Down a Player may do this when they have a 9 to 11 hand. and a player cannot Double Down after a Split. After Splitting a hand a player cannot Re-split either of the new hands formed, and the Re-Splitting of Aces is not allowed. A Surrender option is not offered.

The Multi-hand Blackjack game available at Wagerworks software powered online casinos will, when you play it with perfect strategy return a House Edge of 0.46%.

The number of decks in play in the shoe is 6 decks. The way the Dealer players a hand worth a Soft 17 or higher is that he will Stand that hand. This game is a Hole Card game and as such you will see the Dealer checking his hand for a Blackjack. A Double Down can be performed when you have been dealt any hand.

Should you have Split a hand then you can Double Down after the Split. You cannot Re-split a Split hand, any Split Pair of Aces cannot be Re-Split. The Surrender Option will not be offered on this Blackjack game.

By Playing the Multi-hand Blackjack game which is available at any of our Rival Powered software powered online casinos you can expect a House Edge (when played with perfect strategy) of 0.86%. This Blackjack variant has 6 v decks in the shoe.

Any Dealer Soft 17 or higher will see him Hit that hand. This Blackjack game is a Hole Card game and so you will notice the Dealer checking his hand for a Blackjack. You can Double Down your initial hand when it is a 9 to 11 valued hand.

After Splitting a hand you may not Double Down after the Split. You cannot Re-split a Split hand, any Split Pair of Aces cannot be Re-Split. When playing this particular Blackjack variant you will not be offered the Surrender Option.

Online Multi Hand Blackjack Variants
Rival Standard Blackjack
Wagerworks Multi Hand Blackjack Multi Hand Blackjack With Sidebet
Rival Multi-hand Blackjack Cryptologic Multi Hand Blackjack
Atlantic City Blackjack Multihand Multihand Big 5 Blackjack
Multihand Classic Blackjack Standard M/H Bonus Blackjack
M/H Double Exposure Gold Series Multihand European Blackjack
Multihand Spanish Blackjack Multihand Vegas Strip Blackjack

Multi Hand Odds

All Multi-Hand Blackjack games listed above return a payout of even money for all basic hands, a winning Blackjack hand gets a payout at odds of 3 to 2 and all winning Insurance wagers payout at odds of 2 to 1.

Practice Play Multi Hand Blackjack

Practice Play Multi Hand Spanish Blackjack

BlackjackJam Free Play Multihand Games

Multi Hand Blackjack Strategy

If you fancy learning the best strategy to play Multi Hand Blackjack then take a look at our Multihand Blackjack Strategy Card.

Blackjack Strategy Card - Free Play Blackjack
Real Time Gaming Blackjack Strategy Card

Improve Your Game - Blackjack Strategy Cards

Make sure you print off and keep our handy Blackjack Strategy cards, these show you every move to make when playing Blackjack.

Plus, don't forget we have a large range of free to play, flash powered Blackjack games, all available directly from our website.

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