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Home > Vegas Strip Blackjack

Vegas Strip Blackjack

For anyone who likes gambling a walk down the Las Vegas Strip is a must, with some of the biggest casinos in the world just a stroll away from each other it can take nerves of steel not to just walk into the first one you come across and start playing, however you should treat a visit to the Strip as an adventure, or even a small battle!

Some visitors will allocate their first day on the Strip as a "cashless day" and will simply put their cash out of temptations way and will meander along the Strip visiting each casino in turn to try and get all they can by way of free stuff, this is more easier to do than you would have thought with flyers and coupons offered by most casinos, and also simply by joining a casinos comp club you can bag lots of free stuff.

Some casinos will have a time share presentation which means you will have to sit through an hour or two of hard sell, and at the end of which you are offered a free meal, cash to play their slots or even a free night or twos accommodation, so if you don't mind sitting through such things they are a great way of getting something for nothing!

It is however by signing up to each and every casinos comp club where you will get the best freebies, and all this takes is for you to salter up to the comp club desk produce some I.D. and then they will sign you up give you a comp club card and in most cases give you a book full or freebie vouchers or load up some slot machines with credits for you.

If you do go to Las Vegas then a cashless day can often mean you finally get back to your hotel room with bags full of free stuff and occasionally a pocket full of cash!

In terms of playing Blackjack on the Strip you should think long and hard before selecting one of them to play at, as due to their positions on the Strip some casinos do not need to offer the best Blackjack games, as they will get players playing no matter what, and as such some of them offer the worst Blackjack variants found anywhere in the world.

So if you are considering playing Blackjack on the Strip carefully check the games payouts and game play rules and never settle for payouts such as 6 for 5 on a Blackjack hand when next door they could be offering the much better and standard 3 for 2!

The more out of reach casinos on the Strip is where you are going to find the best Blackjack games, so plan on getting to casinos such as the Circus Circus Casino or the Stratosphere Casino where they have the best comps and player promotions and more importantly low house edge Blackjack games which have low table stake limits.

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