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Home > Table Layout

Blackjack Table Layout

Quick Glance Blackjack Table Layout Guide
1: Discard Tray 2: Rules Sign
3: Auto play 4: Chip Tray
5: Dealers Cards 6: Drop Tray
7: Card Shoe 8: Game Rules
9: Players Cards 10: Players Bet Box
11: Chips Values 12: Player Controls
Blackjack Tablke Layout
Click on Image above to view full size Preview

Casino Blackjack Table Layout - Learn what each part of the table is for.

Discard Tray: This is where all playing cards that have been removed from the table are placed.

Rules Sign: This is a small sign that displays the game play rules and the table betting limits.

Auto play: On Microgaming's Blackjack games you can set the games to play themselves and here is where you preset the auto play settings from.

Chip Tray: This is where the Dealer stores his chips, and places all players losing chips as well as paying out all winning playing bets from.

Dealers Cards: This is where the Dealer will place his or her cards.

Drop Tray: This is where the Dealer will place all bank notes and coins that have been exchanged for chips.

Card Shoe: This is where the un-dealt cards are stored, and this is where the Dealer will deal them from.

Game Rules: Here you will see the basic game play rules and payout's of the Blackjack variant you are playing.

Players Cards: This is where your cards will be dealt.

Players Bet Box: This is where you place your chips, you simply need to point and click.

Chip Values: To set the value of the players chips you simply click the desired value on this part of the layout.

Players Controls: These are all the players betting option controls will appear.

At the top of the page we have provided a numbered diagram of a casino blackjack table layout. Above the picture is key to the numbered areas and below the pic are the definitions of each of the areas of the table.

When playing online blackjack, the dimensions and table limits will vary from casino to casino, depending on which software type the online casino is using.

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