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Home > Blackjack Etiquette

Blackjack Etiquette

It is always wise to adhere to some form of personal etiquette when you play Blackjack in a land based casino, when you play online you can of course site there in you pyjamas if you wish, but when playing this popular card game in bricks and mortar venues there are a few little rules you should follow so as not to upset or annoy your fellow players of the dealer!

When you find an empty position at a Blackjack table do not just throw your money at the dealer when you want to buy in and purchase your casino chips, catch the dealers eye discreetly and then play your money on to the table away from the currently in play betting areas, and once the dealer has finished the current game they will then exchange your cash for chips and give them to you.

Your position at the Blackjack table should have no real bearing on how the game pans out for you or your fellow players, however many novice players will often blame the player who is sat at the final base for how the game finally plays out, by this we mean if that player takes a card or stands then this inexperienced player will believe, in their mind, that you will have helped the dealers hand win if by not taking another card or indeed taking one has enabled the dealers hand to win.

This is complete nonsense as the you will have had no way in the world of knowing that by, for example, hitting your way would have busted the dealers hand if you instead would have stood you hand, so please do not become the type of player who in any shape of form has a go at another player simply due to the way they are playing their hand, as it will never effect the way the game plays out.

When it comes to giving out advice to other players, this is going to have to be done only when requested, and it is probably the best policy to not offer any advice to how another plays their hand, they will thank you if you do show them how to play a hand and it wins, but conversely if that hand loses then they may not be so friendly!

When it comes to giving tips to the dealer, this is down to yourself, you are under no obligation to flip a chip or two to the dealer when you win, as by constantly giving away some of your winnings when you win will cost you quite a bit by the end of your session, if you have had a winning session then you can always give them a tip when you are getting up to leave.

Should you have a comp or loyalty card, then make sure you place this alongside your initial buy in at the Blackjack table, the dealer will then alert the pit boss who will take your card and enter your game play onto the comp system so you will be earning comp points as you play, forgetting to hand over your comp card then trying to get comps at a later date is going to prove troublesome.

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