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Home > Blackjack Basics

Blackjack Basics

Below we have compiled a checklist of Blackjack basics, have a read through this list if you are new to the game as it will allow you to find then best games, where to play them and give you an increased chance of having a winning session.

1. Only ever play Blackjack games which have the lowest House Edge, it is very easy for a new player to get carried away and just throw their money down at any Blackjack game without realizing they may be play a very poor value game. Never be mistaken for thinking an all singing all dancing, brightly coloured game is going to give you true value for money, as sometimes it is the original older games which are the best ones to play!

2. Learn the Blackjack game you are intending of playing inside and out, you need to know exactly what moves to make no matter what cards the dealer had dealt both himself and you, making even the slightest of mistake will slowly drain away your bankroll. The most savvy way to learn how to play the correct way is to study or even take with you when you sit down to play Blackjack a Strategy Card. These will show you how to play every possible hand combination you are dealt based on what the dealer has dealt himself. You will never, ever play incorrectly if you stick to using a strategy card.

3. One way in which a casino will get more profit out of a game of Blackjack is to tamper with the payouts for getting dealt certain hands, you need to ensure you get the best payouts every time you play so take a look over our section covering the many different Blackjack Payouts, and stick to sites which offer you the highest ones and always avoid those offering the lowest ones!

4.Whilst an experienced player will know all of the different Card Values a novice player may not, so study what these different values attached to certain cards are and you will never make any costly mistakes whenever you play Blackjack at either a land based or online casino.

5. The are lots of different ways you can learn How to Play Blackjack but as most online casinos will be more than happy to let you play for free via their software this can be the best way to not only get plenty of practice in at no risk to your own money but also let you see how the different online casino softwares work and operate, then you will be in a better position to finally choose an online casino at which to play at and will more importantly fully understand how their particular games play, pay and operate.

6. As an online Blackjack player you are going to get offered loads of casino bonuses from the various online casinos you will come across, some players love these bonuses as they let them increase their initial deposited amount and therefore gives them additional ammunition to hit the Blackjack tables with, however some players avoid taking them as they will lock you into all manner of different play through requirements that have to be completed before you an cash out any winnings. So think long and hard before accepting a casino bonus as not all of them are as generous as they may first seem.

7. When it comes to comp and loyalty points the majority of online casinos will always give you these as you play their Blackjack games for real money, however not all of them will automatically enroll you into their comp club when you join the casino, so make sure that you are registered with their loyalty scheme before you start to play so you do not miss out on the little freebies these comp clubs offer. Oh and make sure you do some shopping around as some online casinos comp clubs are more generous than others, and you can earn more comps at some of these sites which much lower redemption levels than others, so before you start to play see what your chosen casino is offering via their comp club.

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